Julie Joly – Wandering Plankton

A visual artist since 2015, Julie Joly‘s project is to create works at the border of drawing and sculpture. Using wire, sewing thread and ironwork, her creations play with depth and perspective to inhabit space. Gigantic, medium or tiny, her works are inspired by the human and animal body. She tries to externalise the interior, the links and the particularities.


From the Greek “plankton” which means “to wander”, plankton is the group of aquatic plants and animals that drift with the currents. Microscopic or small in size, they include thousands of species which together account for most of the biomass of marine organisms. Plankton is distinguished by its special property of absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. This phenomenon places it at the forefront of current affairs with regard to its possible role in reducing the greenhouse effect.

Julie Joly’s installation Errance, dedicated to plankton, aims to give visibility to these animals and their positive impact. The artist takes the opportunity to reveal some of their variety. The works play with their size and reveal their astonishing shapes, inviting the viewer to savour their poetry.