Aurore ReSisters

Aurore Chapon is a french illustrator, graphic designer, author, artist. She mainly works for cultural and associative structures, for whom she creates illustrations, visual identities, posters et various documents.

Her personal artistic work is focused on drawing, graphic art (micro-publishing) et craft activities like needlework (weaving, tapestry, embroidery). These practices are based on the fascination she feels for Wildlife and the passion she has for story-telling, narrative processes, and language. Her approach of these topics is basically political and poetic : converging struggles and eco-queer-feminism are the heart of my processes and reflexions. In this context, she co-signed ReSisters, a graphic novel about ecofeminists movements, published in october 2021 by Tana editions, and produced in collaboration with Jeanne Burgart Goutal, a philosopher and teacher specialized in this theme.