The Future of Fashion with SCIRT

Green Donut x la Fresque du Textile

Afrovibe dancing class x JRMY

Introductory to CST – Cranio-sacral therapy x Victoria Kuntermann

Conscious Eating x gebana & Alicia Makanja

Yaz Sane – Artist, Performer & Witch

The art of Sashiko x WE MADE TOGETHER

Newbie in Crypto x Victor Tamer

Olfactive workshop x Madame Rima

Tarot session x Audrey Sebti

Sell more waste less with x Sara simmonds

Sexual Wellness x Gabrielle Adrian

Transcendental Breathwork x Thomas Amiard

Meditation x Pierre Moniz-Barreto

Yoga Session x Denise Back from @wildlingshoes