Our thought-provoking talks will dissect the issues that really matter across: Collective Intelligence, Wellness & Spirituality, Sustainability & Regeneration, Planet & Biodiversity, Fashion & Beauty. We’re bringing together some of the world’s leading conscious changemakers, experts, influencers, and business leaders to elevate your consciousness.

The TALKS from the main stage at GROUND CONTROL in Paris will be screened online and at the Conscious Gathering in London.


Use the filters below to find out more about our participating speakers by location, theme and date


Florence Manuguerra – Founder The Caring Gallery

Yasmina Auburtin – Consultant Éditorial à Impact @Imagine2050

Sophie Roland – Journalist

Anne-Claire Voss – Journaliste Le Petit Journal

Isabelle Layer – Journaliste & Conférencière

Maÿlis Buonomo – Head of Social Impact & Sustainability Communication @Chloé

Nikita Jayasuriya – EU General Manager The Mills Fabrica

Magali Payen – D.G. Newtopia

Petronille Ricard – Sustainable project manager ETAM

Pascal Dagras – Intrapreneur Ecobalyse

Joséphine Riemens – Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode

Maxime Delavallée – Co-Founder & CEO of CrushON

Virgile Leclercq – Ctrl S Co-Founder

Thibaut Ledunois – CSR Consultant

Emma Carré – Pour Un Réveil Écologique

Laetitia Vasseur – HOP Co-Founder

Thomas Amiard – Therapist and Breathwork specialist

Romain Dian – Author

Jeanne Vicerial – Designer

Stephanie Dickson – Cofounder of Green Is The New Black

Céline Dassonville – CEO of Ethiwork

Paloma Moritz – Journalist and Video Director

Paula Miquelis – Green Is The New Black Cofounder

Christina Eckert – Wildling Shoes CMO

Jon Rose – Founder of Waves 4 Water

Juliette Allais – Author and Psychotherapist

Pierre Moniz-Barreto – Directeur de l’Académie des Intelligences Humaines