Caroline Dumont – EthicHunt Founder

Born June 15, 1989 in Paris, Caroline has been the founder and artistic director of Ethic Hunt for 2 years.
Previously an interactive design manager for 10 years with major brands such as Happn, Betclic, Mano Mano or Salesforce, Caroline has supported various start-ups and large CAC-40 companies in the design and production of digital products.
Always committed to her food consumption, it was during confinement that Caroline became aware of the harmful impact of the Fashion industry on the environment.
She then realizes as a consumer that access to high-end ethical brands on the web is complex.
Few mentions in national women’s press covers, difficult access on search engines, few details on the real environmental commitment of brands, a lot of greenwashing and referencing of eco-responsible brands, mainly mid-range or ‘mainstream’ of the general female public.

It is through meetings at conferences, fairs, private sales and via social networks that Caroline is gradually developing her catalog of favorite committed brands.

In winter 2019, Caroline administers a survey on the consumption of ethical clothing to her community on Instagram as well as to her relatives, which confirms the need for simple, didactic and humanized access to a portal of trendy and ethical brands in order to no longer be dependent on big brands of Fast Fashion.

In January 2020, Caroline becomes a committed entrepreneur and launches the beta of her first start-up, which she calls Ethic Hunt, in reference to the ethical nuggets she hunts for daily.

In May 2020, Caroline launches V1 of her marketplace and develops her community on Facebook and Instagram.

For a year and a half, Caroline worked part-time on Ethic Hunt as she was also design manager at the time.

It was in March 2022 that Caroline decided to devote herself to Ethic Hunt full-time. She organized a total of 5 ethical pop-ups which were increasingly successful.
Starting with partnerships with pop-up collectives such as Just be 16 at the Hilton and La Grande Épicerie and Point Physique, she then decided to create her own sales events that were intended to be aesthetic, disruptive and participatory.