Felix Winckler – Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Reflaunt.

Felix is the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Reflaunt. Felix is an ex New York State lawyer who after practising commercial litigation co-founded several startups including Voicepolls and Votebox. Felix has extensive experience in growth, sales and online marketing.
Reflaunt bring “resell as a service” to brands and retailers allowing them to easily get into the second hand trade. Reflaunt provides several options, so retailers can find the best way to integrate resell as part of their customer journey. Reflaunt’s core product is the “smart button” (plug in) which integrate its self in existing customer account on the retailer e-commerce. The « smart button » allows customers to push products for resell on a network of third party platform specialised in second hand resell. Reflaunt can also help retailer set up a buy back program or consignment service. These services are made to be seamlessly integrated so brand and retailers can maintain the standards of their brand identity. Each model is built around a store credit scheme made to improve customer retention. Reflaunt’s aim is to allow brands and retailers to implement this new business model with ease and at a minimum cost.