Florentin Letissier – Maire-adjoint de Paris en charge de l’ESS

Florentin Letissier is an elected official for the 14th arrondissement of Paris and has been a professor of economics and social sciences for more than ten years. As a native from the Nantes region, he moves away to study at the Bordeaux Institute of Political Studies, before arriving in Paris in 2010 to start his career. Since then, he is teaching in educational institutions, high schools, and preparatory classes of “grandes écoles”.

As soon as he arrived in Paris, Florentin decided to enlist within the Green Party so as to participate in the making of political decisions which support the protection of the environment, the improvement of living conditions, wealth redistribution, and job creation. Then, Florentin Letisser aspired to turn his engagement into political action and to serve Parisians. For the first time, he gets elected as a Deputy Mayor of the 14th arrondissement of Paris and is designated to be in charge of the social and solidarity economy and ecological transition. On July 20th, he chose to take a step back from education and becomes the Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of circular economy, social and solidarity economy, and the zero waste plan.