Sophie Pignères

After graduating from business school, Sophie specialized in finance before joining Fintechs with strong social commitments. In 2020, she created weturn after almost 5 years of experience at KissKissBankBank where she held various positions (strategy, operations, finance) in favour of projects in the SSE, fashion, sustainability, and culture sectors.

weturn allows fashion Maisons, textile industry and manufacturers to recycle their stocks, the waste production from cut-and-sew process and products under intellectual property management and turn them into new yarns and fabrics. Today only 1% of wasted fashion products that are collected are actually recycled into new fabrics or clothes. 

weturn’s ambition is to reach at least 30% of valorization on all textiles that the company would be collecting. To do so, weturn created a dedicated network to allow their customers to get access to logistics companies, recycling and spinning professionals and textiles manufacturers all gather around a commun objective: respecting our resources and raw materials by extending their lifespan.