Waji – Co-Founder of BIORESTORE

With a 15+ year background of Textile Science & Innovation Management with Global Fashion Brands and a foundation of hands on textile knowledge from the factory floor to the design studio, Waji / Wajahat** understood the challenges of the global Fashion market and the relationship of the consumer wear to waste pile.
Waji is the Co-Founder of BIORESTORE, originally from Pakistan, now based in Stockholm, Sweden.
BIORESTORE is a patent pending home laundry Re-Tergent that renews, revives and restores old, worn clothing to new.
Frustrated by the lifestyle to landfill relationship to clothing, BIORESTORE was developed by a team of Fashion & Textile Industry experts as a simple, effective and sustainable way to prolong the life of garments, whilst reducing resource use & textile waste.
BIORESTORE is a H&M Foundation ‘’Global Change Award 2022’’ winning & ’’Norrsken Impact 100’’ nominated product, which was successfully launched on Kickstarter being selected as ‘’Project We Love’’.
With an UK & EU product launch in 2022, BIORESTORE is ‘What the planet needs, & your wardrobe favorites deserve.’