The WORKSHOPS will be led by experts sharing sustainable practices and improving your overall sense of health and wellness. A feast for your mind and motivation. There will be 3 kinds of workshops: movement and wellness - meditation, dance, yoga, breath work; creative and DIY workshops; and deep dives with industry experts.


Use the filters below to find out more about our workshops by theme and date


Electronics Repair Workshop – Back Market

How to decrease your Digital Carbon Footprint – Green Pixie

Clean beauty products – Manucurist

Hair tips and on the spot cuts – Hairstylist Sire Doré

Sewing & clothes repair workshop – Made in Sunday

Junior Climate Fresk collaborative game – Fresque du Climat

Collaborative game on climate issues – Talents for Future

Les Matériaux Parisiens

Yoga – Maeva Boldron & Circle Sportswear

Soul Meditation – Laetitia

Clear Voyance – ÉSO

Sound Healing – Kitzia from Mayashala Yoga Studio

Kundalini Yoga – Nour Param Devi

Creative Pulse, Conscious Movement on Techno Music – Mily Anand Akasha Kaur & Paul

Kinesyoga / Breathwork – Alina Kozelkova

Iyengar Yoga – Sandra Fujii

Intuitive Dance – Dara explora

Pilates – Mathilde Rousseau

Yoga, Movement & Mindfulness – 11h11