Green Donut x la Fresque du Textile

FRIDAY 30 – 12:30-13:30



Green Donut is an association convinced that great changes are underway and that we must act collectively and quickly. They mobilise citizens and individuals within organisations by raising awareness in a playful way, while facilitating the links to be made with existing solutions in order to be actors of this change. Their Mission is to make as many people as possible aware of environmental ceilings and social thresholds. A philosophy based on the Donut Economy, by Kate Raworth.

Come visit the Textiles UnTangled table (quiz taster version) and test your knowledge of the textile industry and its impacts, the limits of recycling, and circular economy and design. Textiles Untangled, created by the association Green Donut, is a collaborative and fun workshop to raise awareness about the environmental and social impacts of the textile industry and empower your actions.